Pest Control Services

A Skilled Team and the latest technologies help us protect from  pests. Our Pest Control Team offers both regular and one-time  services.


  • General Pest Control
  • Rodent Control
ovation facilities

OFS offer services for protection against cockroaches,termites,rodents,bedbugs,woodborers,flies, mosquitoes etc. and GPMS (General Pest Management Services) for corporates.

The program we are recommending for your facility  is designed in such a way,that its ongoing service, inspections and reporting, maintains best possible pest control conditions within the facility, and a good communication relationship between OFS andyourself.

Inspection & Monitoring: First inspect and monitor the site, if found a pest problem then, first deny food, shelter and water that pest need to survive.

Zone Classification: Segregate the site into 4 different zones as per the chemical usage & pesticide restriction.

Eco-friendly product: Uses products developed with the latest technology for long-term results like Granules, Glue pads, Liquid concentrates. Sometimes use the biological pest control method like

Restricted use of pesticide: If they need to use a pesticide, they will use products in a manner that minimizes any risk to people, pets or the environment.

Disposal Policy: Proper disposal of pesticide and pest

Quality Assurance: Awareness, Commitment & Improvement :

We validate our service with our quality assurance program, which guarantees your pest management service meets OFS high quality standards

QA Support System: OFS team is backed by internal quality assurance team, which helps to identify the initial need of the customer, to meet the customer expectation

We understand your business because we care for you

Our specialist high dependency technical teams are experienced in the need of this industry. The service they provide is tailored to your individual requirements

Food Safety

  • No contamination
  • No Infestation

Protecting your business & Brand

  • Identifying & managing the risks
  • Regular Monitoring &Inspection
  • Early Identification of Problems

Conformance with audit requirements

  • Up-to-date, Daily Logs
  • Technical experience
  • Segment Knowledge
  • Historical data & trend analysis

Know your pest


Cockroaches: Food carried to IT centers from outside can carry roaches into the premises through food containers, food trolleys, vehicles and even through the carriers of food

Service – Cockroach Management Services

AdvantagesCompletely odorless, highly effective, hassle free, MSDS


Rodents: They are nightmare for all businesses like your premises, the neighboring premises, the drainage system, roof, garbage collection area, storerooms.Alloftheseelementsgotowardsratinganenvironmentinwhich rodents canthrive.

Service – Rodent Management Services

AdvantagesHuman safe, Temper resistance bait stations & MSDS


Flies: Food contaminated by flies, is greater than from rodents & crawling insects combined. Flies have a major economic impact on this industry. Not only food damage but passenger perception, flies means dirt and unsatisfactory condition.

Service – Fly Management Services

AdvantagesLonglasting,Residualeffectonwallandceiling,highlyeffective and completely odorless,MSDS

Mosquitoes: People world over have been experiencing mosquitoes’ menace. People world over have been experiencing Mosquitoes menace. Peoplesuffer r due to a number of diseases brought by mosquitoes serious among them aremalaria, Chikungunya, Elephantiasis, Dengue and Encephalitis (Brain Fever).

Service – Mosquito Management Services

AdvantagesLong lasting, Residual effect on wall & ceiling, MSDS


Lizards:Lizards will  also have a major impact on food safety. Suppose you buy a can of baked beans and when you open it found something weird, means half lizard inside that in

Service – Lizard Management Services

AdvantagesLong lasting, Residual effect on wall & ceiling, MSDS


Birds:The mere presence of birds can be cause for audit failure or inspection, leading to shutdowns and lost revenue. Droppings and feathers can transmit over 60 diseases and compromise air quality,causing serious health and safety concerns.

Service – Bird Management Services

AdvantagesBird Netting, Bird Sikes, MSDS